Powerlifting Singlet


This particular product has been designed for carrying out the most hectic weightlifting exercises in the gym. The Powerlifting Soft Suits made of Lycra, which is a very stretchable and comfortable material. It means that the size of the suit can be adjusted according to the shape and size of your body muscles.

If you want to feel comfortable when lifting, then look no further. People on Amazon seem to love this thing.

The black matte finish has allowed the product to emerge as a very comfortable item to wear. This improves the performance capability of the singlet. This particular product is not only specialized for carrying out weightlifting training schedules. It’s also useful for serious CrossFit workouts.

If you check the user reviews over on Amazon, you’ll find that most people are very happy. You’ll also see that the overall rating is higher than average. It’s a product that most people are very happy with!

In addition, to add to the credibility of the product, this weightlifting singlet has been marked as IPF Legal. This is important for those looking to get into the competitive side of things.

What Makes this Weightlifting Suit IPF Legal?

If you want to compete in weightlifting competitions, only certain suits are legal. You may want to know what makes one singlet legal, and another one not. Here is a bit of information about that:

The singlet must be from a commercial manufacturer officially approved and registered with the technical committee for use in powerlifting competitions. This applies to all competitions, from local to world.

It really is that simple! But, before you compete, you need to make sure your singlet is on the list.

VIRUS Bio Ceramic Compression Singlet

The VIRUS Bio Ceramic Compression Singlet has been specially made using pure bio ceramic fabric. Therefore, it can be said that the athletic properties of this particular singlet have been improved because of the presence of the bio ceramic elements.

The fabric allows the person to recover their muscles quickly. This can boost your athletic performance. At the same time, the presence of bio ceramic fabric allows the user to increase his/her endurance and stamina. This allows the user to gain a lot from the high intensity training schedules.

Proper circulation of blood to the various parts of the body is of the utmost necessity when it comes to the building of muscles, especially during weightlifting. This particular compression singlet has been made in such a way that blood circulation is controlled effectively. Thus you will not have to worry about getting injured at the gym.

Breathability of the product is up to the mark, which allows staying comfortable even when the stakes are high. On the other hand, the elasticity of this singlet allows the product to help you move in a consistent manner, without the worry of losing shape and properties.