BC Gets Back On Course with Two Wins in One Weekend

by tr Email

Captain Dansky, seen here celebrating Saturday's victory, decrisbed a post game celebration that made everyone at Murder Burger jealous.

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) - BC captain H. M. S. Dansky anchored the attack for two important road tilts as BC climbed back to .500 this past weekend. Dansky showed textbook jibes on Saturday at Palo Alto, while Sunday Streets of London’s Nimitz Class defenders were no match for his veteran tacks. Sean “I’ve Got No Beef with Cattle, But Ostriches Really Ruffle My Feathers” Whitacre once again proved that he has no off button, playing through the final whistle on Sunday. Pat Lorian was his usual beady eyed self in net, allowing everyone else on the field to relax a bit. Special thanks to Tom Loulet for his work at close defense, and also for sparing Thumper the Rabbit. BC is back in action this Saturday against CLIF Bar in Sausalito.